”Dr Wimp's Surgery• ~ Synopsis of the Book

(by Ray Favre)

     !!! 2nd Edition March 2003 !!!

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Book aims and sequence. Typeface conventions used.

1 The nature of Wimp programs

Differences between Wimp and non-Wimp programs. How the Wimp‘ operates. Principles of the Wimp Poll and Reason Codes. Flow diagram. Parameter blocks. The reason for shell‘ packages.

2 Why use Dr Wimp?

A simple application is produced in three different ways, which are described in detail: from scratch‘ using normal Wimp methods; same again, but using window templates; then again, but using Dr Wimp. The three methods are compared, showing the advantages of using Dr Wimp.

3 What‘s in the Dr Wimp package?

Details of contents of the package (which is included on disc with the book.)

4 Getting started with Dr Wimp

How Dr Wimp operates via its wimp-functions‘ and user-functions‘. Planning the tutorial application project. First steps, the skeleton application and customising it. How Dr Wimp does Wimp initialisation and the Wimp poll process. First versions of tutorial application produced.

5 The Iconbar icon and its menu

Putting a sprite on iconbar. creating its menu and displaying it. Selecting items from a menu. Quitting. Updated tutorial version produced.

6 Adding windows and icons

Loading a window from template - in this case an Info‘ window. Attaching it (like a sub-menu) to a menu item and displaying it. Adding/changing text in icons. Indirection. Updated tutorial version produced.

7 More windows

The first main window for tutorial application is described, then loaded from template and displayed. Icon enabling/disabling. Caret movement in writable icons. Validation string. Key presses. User-input validation. Reading text from icons. Updated tutorial version produced.

8 Mouse clicks

How Dr Wimp handles mouse-clicks. Button types. Creating a data file from icon text. Updated tutorial version produced.

9 Dynamic menus

Changing menus during program run e.g. the number of items, their text. etc. Use of arrays and Messages files to manipulate menus. Updated tutorial version produced.

10 Yet more windows and menus

A second main window for tutorial application is described, loaded from template and displayed. More about sub-menus and dynamic menus. Updating data files. Filing strings/numbers. Updated tutorial version produced.

11 Wimp graphics (The principles)

How wimp graphics is done. The different options. Screen and Work Area coordinate systems. The redraw‘ process. How Dr Wimp manages these.

12 Wimp graphics (The practice)

A third main window for tutorial application is described, then loaded from template and displayed. Auto-redraw‘ flag. Using the redraw process. Coordinate conversion. Drawing a graph. Text plotting. Re-sizing windows. Updated tutorial version produced.

13 Creating windows/icons from within a program

Adding windows/icons on the fly‘. Using !CodeTemps utility (supplied with Dr Wimp package) to transfer window template data to program code. Reading and using printer driver data. Updated tutorial version produced.

14 Printing

How the Wimp does it and how Dr Wimp simplifies this. Options and facilities available. Using redraw printing‘ for wysiwyg copy of displayed graph. Multiple pages and multiple copies. Font declaration for Postscript printers. Error reporting whilst printing. Updated tutorial version produced.

15 DrWimp library version

Checking that DrWimp library version and !RunImage are matched. Updated tutorial version produced.

16 Post-programming utilities

Final steps in tutorial application. Preparation for post-programming options. Application statistics. Description and use of !Linker, !BSquasher, !MakeApp2 and !Crunch. Comparison of effects of these on program space and disc storage space. Final revision to WimpSlot in !Run file of tutorial application. Updated (final) tutorial version produced.

17 More on Menus

Creating/re-creating menus from arrays and Messages files. Menu positioning options. Font menus. Other menu manipulations.

18 Saving and loading data

Dr Wimp‘s facilities for using the standard Save window. Changing filetype. Drag & drop‘ file loading.

19 Handling image files

Dr Wimp‘s facilities for managing/displaying/printing sprites, drawfiles and JPEGs. The pointer sprite and changing it.

20 Handling text

Dr Wimp‘s options and facilities for plotting text and specifying fonts. Declaring and losing‘ fonts. Text colour. Modifying text size/font/colour within a string. Reading text length/height. Using current desktop font.

21 More on printing

The user printing‘ method in Dr Wimp (for non-wysiwyg‘ printing).

22 Sliders and bars

Dr Wimp‘s facilities for producing Bars and Sliders. Icon construction. Reading slider values/ percentages.

23 Panes

Dr Wimp‘s facilities for managing panes.

24 The NULL‘ global variable and Multi­tasking

How Dr Wimp manages Reason Code 0 and masks it out automatically when not needed. Using NULL=TRUE to trigger user-defined responses to Reason Code 0. Single polls. Timed polls. Multi-tasking.

25 Colour picker

Managing, displaying and using the Wimp's Colour Picker window.

26 Important common facilities

Dr Wimp‘s facilities for the Keyboard/writable icons, Error handling, Messages files (including menu creation), Interactive help, Dynamic areas, Quitting/Shutdown.

27 Other facilities

Identification of some further Dr Wimp facilities.


A 9-page full index.

Total of 334 pages, A5 size, ring-bound.

Book price includes 1.6M format floppy discs containing latest version of Dr Wimp package plus all example applications developed in the book. Plus reference copy of Dr Wimp Version current when book was written. (The discs are archived/compressed and a hard disc is necessary to de-archive/de-compress. A PD de-archiver/de-compression utility is included.)

Price, including UK post and packing, is £16-00. (Only cash or sterling cheques can be accepted.)

All excess of income over costs will go to charity.

If you want a copy of the book please contact me by Email in the first instance at:
ray at rayfavre dot me dot uk (Sorry about this 'non-live' address. It's an attempt to reduce spam.)

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